Eurocopter AS332

Hello everyone. The Command of the BHELMA VI has been relieved, an usual process (every 3 years), and I must comment, it is a pride and satisfaction to have been commissioned from the… Sigue leyendo

The hunters

Hello everyone. New drawing completed: “The hunters”. It is a commision from a regular client. I´m sorry, not for sale, but I have some copies/prints available in FINEARAMERICA, if you like it. Fine… Sigue leyendo

P-03 “Cadarso”

Hello everyone. New drawing completed. The Lazaga class consists of a series of midsize patrol vessels for coastal and Exclusive Zone patrol, built by the Spanish National Bazán shipyards (now Navantia) for the… Sigue leyendo

Antonio Ruibérriz de Torres

Hello friends. Recently I was commissioned to do an artwork dedicated to a Spanish military pilot (recently retired). Antonio Ruibérriz de Torres was a Naval Air Wing Commander, 1000 men and women under… Sigue leyendo


Hi everyone. Yesterday I had the privilege of visiting the Battalion of Helicopters of Maneuver VI (BHELMA VI) located in Tenerife (Spain), to deliver two artworks to the members of that military unit.… Sigue leyendo


Hello everyone. Today I share in my blog a magazine about the World War II. It is edited in brazil and has a large amount of information, photographs and thanks to an agreementthey… Sigue leyendo

Glenn E. Duncan

Hi everyone! My latest drawing completed (Commission from a regular client). Title: Glenn E Duncan and his “Dove of peace”. I hope you like it. Regards. . Provisional framework. Considerations: In this drawing… Sigue leyendo

Fernando Ferrandez Del Cacho

Hello guys! It is my latest drawing, a commission of Fernando Ferrandez Illan. Fernando wanted a portrait of his dad: Fernando Ferrandez Del Cacho “Cachito”,  Commander in the Spanish Air Force, and a… Sigue leyendo

Tornado GR1 (Royal Air Force)

Hello everyone. It is my latest drawing: “Tornado GR1 (RAF)”. It is a commission, not for sale. I hope you like it. No. 9 Squadron (otherwise known as No. IX (Bomber) Squadron or… Sigue leyendo

Otto Kittel

Hello everyone. It is my latest drawing, a portrait: “Otto Kittel”. It is a commission from a regular customer. I hope you like it. I have added some medals and documents to decorate… Sigue leyendo