Tornado GR1 (Royal Air Force)

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It is my latest drawing: “Tornado GR1 (RAF)”. It is a new commission, not for sale. I hope you like it.

No. 9 Squadron (otherwise known as No. IX (Bomber) Squadron or IX(B) Squadron) of the Royal Air Force was the first in the service to receive the Panavia Tornado, which it currently operates from RAF Marham, Norfolk.



IX(B) Squadron reformed in August 1982, becoming the world’s first operational Tornado squadron at RAF Honington with the Panavia Tornado GR1, again equipped with WE.177 nuclear laydown bombs, handed down from the Vulcan force, before moving to RAF Bruggen in 1986. The squadron’s nuclear delivery role ended in 1994 at Bruggen,[8] although the squadron continued to be based there in their non-nuclear bombing role.


A close-up photo.

The squadron deployed to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1990 as part of Operation Granby, the first Gulf War, leading a number of bombing raids, delivering JP233 and 1000 lb bombs. The squadron has conducted operations over southern Iraq in support of UN resolutions and over Kosovo in 1999.


At some point in the process…

2009 saw IX(B) Squadron celebrate 95 years of operational service.

The squadron first undertook a tour of duty on Operation Herrick.

In March 2011, IX(B) squadron were the first RAF Tornado squadron to participate in Operation Ellamy. Aircrews from the squadron performed the second longest strike sorties in the history of the RAF, launching Storm Shadow strikes from the squadron’s home base of RAF Marham and hitting targets deep inside Libya. The squadron then deployed forward to continue operations from Gioia del Colle in Southern Italy. After a brief respite from the action where IX(B) squadron were replaced by air and ground crews of II(AC) squadron, IX(B) Squadron was chosen to return to Gioia del Colle. During this period, aircrew of IX(B) Squadron were inside Libyan airspace on 20 October 2011 when the conflict came to an end with the capture of Colonel Gaddafi by NTC fighters. The squadron returned home on 1 November 2011 after participating in one of the most successful NATO operations ever conducted. (Operation Unified Protector)

In 2013 IX(B) squadron returned to Afghanistan to complete another tour of duty on Operation HERRICK. Immediately post this tour, Wing Commander Turk handed over IX(B) Squadron to Wing Commander Chris Snaith.

In March 2017, the squadron was named as a twin squadron of the Pakistan Air Force’s No.9 Squadron equipped with F-16 MLU aircraft.

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Title: Dyer. Tornado GR1.
Technique: Pencil / graphite.
Format: 11″x16″, paper Canson, acid free. High quality.
Certificate of authenticity: Yes.

Status: SOLD.

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