Glenn E. Duncan

Hi everyone! My latest drawing completed (Commission from a regular client). Title: Glenn E Duncan and his “Dove of peace”. I hope you like it. Regards.

Provisional framework.

Considerations: In this drawing we can appreciate many details, for example, in the propeller cone, we can see a nearby forest (black line), and the sky. The furthest objects are out of focus as in the original photo (fuel tank, wheel, wing and forest). A camouflage handkerchief covers Glenn’s neck. Great detail on oxygen mask, goggles and other objects, including screws and panels on P-51 Mustang.


 Glenn E Duncan:
Glenn E Duncan joined the 353rd Fighter Group in March 1943 as Group Executive Officer. He claimed 19 victories until he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and commander of the Group in November 1943. He was shot down during a strafing mission on 7 July 1944 and evaded capture, working with the Dutch underground before being liberated by the Allied 10 months later. He returned to the 353rd and resumed command in April 1945.


¡Hola a tod@s!
Ya he completado mi último dibujo titulado: Glenn E Duncan y su “Paloma de la paz”.
A ver si les gusta.
Consideraciones: En el dibujo podemos apreciar muchos detalles, por ejemplo, en el cono de la hélice podemos ver un bosque cercano (línea más oscura) y el cielo. Los objetos más alejados están desenfocados, como en la fotografía original (tanque de combustible, llanta/neumático, ala y bosque), ya que el objetivo de la cámara enfoca solo el primer plano. Un pañuelo de camuflaje cubre el cuello de Glenn. Gran detalle en la máscara de oxígeno, gafa y otros objetos, incluyendo tornillos y registros sobre el P-51 Mustang.

Glenn E Duncan

 Hasta pronto, un saludo.

Title: Glenn E Duncan.
Technique: Pencil / graphite.
Format: 11″x16″, paper Canson, acid free. High quality.
Certificate of authenticity: Yes.

Status: SOLD.

If you like my artwork, you want a similar pencil drawing for you, or for a gift (family, friends, army farewell gift…) please, feel free to contact me through my e-mail address).