Hello everyone. New drawing finished. We can see a Sea King of the Spanish Navy. Title “Sea King” This drawing is based on an original photograph by Jose Mª Arroyo. You can see… Sigue leyendo

Supermarine Spitfire

Hello everyone. New pencil drawing completed. My new client has ordered a Supermarine Spitfire MK1 piloted by Brian Lane. Brian John Edward “Sandy” Lane DFC was a fighter pilot and flying ace of… Sigue leyendo

Supra Marem et Terram

Hello everyone. Yesterday was a awesome day for me. A great day with the Spanish Navy. I visited a modern frigate with the AEGIS system and the L-61 multi-purpose amphibious assault ship-aircraft carrier.… Sigue leyendo

Twilight Tear

Hello everyone. New drawing completed (commissioned). Title: “Twilight Tear” Format: 16×11″. Acid free paper. Twilight Tear is a war veteran P-51D-20, AAF serial number 44-63384. She was delivered to the 78th Fighter Group,… Sigue leyendo

OH-6 “Loach”

Hello everyone! Some time ago, I received the order from a former pilot who fought in the Vietnam War. Well, my task was to produce a scene where an OH-6 Cayuse should appear,… Sigue leyendo


Hello everyone. Taking advantage of some free days, I was able to work quickly on a new commission from a regular client. Dimensions: 25,5″ x 14,5″ This time, the theme revolves around the… Sigue leyendo

Adolf Galland

Hello everyone. I have completed a new pencil drawing (commissioned). I enclose a bit of information about this historical figure. He is Adolf Joseph Ferdinand Galland (19 March 1912 – 9 February 1996)… Sigue leyendo


Hello everyone. I have completed a new pencil drawing. Title: “P44 TORNADO” A modern patrol boat of the Spanish Navy moves at great speed to rescue immigrants on the coasts of the Canary… Sigue leyendo

Les Dyer

Hello everyone. I have completed a new drawing commissioned by Les Dyer. Dyer, a retired USAF pilot, was a pilot in the SR 71 program before his retirement in 1989. The Lockheed SR-71… Sigue leyendo

M-35 “El Duero”

Hello everybody! New drawing completed. The position of the light allows to see the texture of the wonderful paper. This is the usual paper, great quality and acid free. Six Segura class minehunters… Sigue leyendo